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A brief summary of what I hope to include in this blog.

It will focus on my genealogy research, which has several major facets that I want to explore. Or should I say four major geographical areas I wish to focus my family tree research on.

Researching a family tree is not only names, dates, years — but also family stories, ancestor’s occupations, who the were, where they felt they belonged; and their personal and religous beliefs. All of this cannot be given in a nutshell, so I will only say that it has been quite a learning experience. Not just for family facts, but for general American/European history, regional United States histories, searching for burial records, meeting many distant kin and cousin’online’, and always there seems to be another “question that needs an answer”. The the desire to “know” is strong, and I continue to find out things I never would have dreamed of, amazingly enough I happen to find them because of my genealogy resarch.

The breakdown below will bet “tweeked” as time and a few more facts are made available to me while I’m at my computer. If you see errors/omissions, write me — FEEDBACK is very important to me. I will do my best to reply promptly to all seriou genealogy queries.

Thank you, for visit my EVERYTHING BUT THE KITCHEN SINK blog.

– Cathy Ann Abernathy

[03 February 2009]

cathy - Jacksonville State University - yearbook photo.

Cathy Abernathy - Jacksonville State University - yearbook photo.



[Former homeland to several Native American nations, most well known being the Cherokee]

Western counties of North Carolina

Includes, but not limited to:

Buncombe, Stanley, Catawba, Mitchell, Yancey, Sampson, Orange, and Cherokee Counties.

Most of the ancestors I am searching for in this region lived in the Toe River Valley and surrounding areas.

They are ancestors via my father’s parents — Ivey Lee Abernathy and Virgie Ann Honeycutt (Abernathy).

Surnames for Ivey’s ancestors include — Abernathy/Abernathy, Beck, Bohelier, Davis, Douglas, Eaker/Echardt, Ferguson, Fitzpatrick, Griffin/Griffon, Haas, Jarrett, Love, Nance, Neff, White, Whisenhunt,  Whitener, …

Surnames for Virgie’s ancestors included — Alber, Duvall, Gaither, Griffith/Griffin, Hill, Honeycutt/Hunnicutt, Howell, Jones, Keller, McCubin/MacCibbin, Silvers/Silbers, Schwartz Wilson, …



[Former homeland to several Native American nations, most well known include the Cherokee, Choctaw, Upper/Lower Creeks]

West/West-Central Georgia

Includes, but not limited to:

Bartow (formerly Cass), Dade, Floyd, Gordon, Carter (later named…), Chattooga, …. Counties




Goode, Jennings, Justice, Meadows, Millward Pulliam, Stephens/Stevens, Quearns/Kearns.



[Former homeland to several Native American nations, most well known include the Chicksaw, Cherokee, Choctaw, Upper/Lower Creeks]

East/East-Central Alabama

Includes, but not limited to:

Benton (now Calhoun), Chilton, Cherokee,  Coosa, Dekalb, Lowndes (later named…), Montgomery, Saint Clair, Shelby, Talladega, Tallpoosa, … Counties.


Anderson, Clinkscales, Cox, Davis, Hayne, Justice


Carter, Hardy, Hogan, Peeples



[Former homeland to several Native American nations, most well known being the Cherokee]

‘Upland’ western regions of South Carolina.

Too many to be brief [Abbeville, Honea Path, Level Land, Due West, Starr, 96th District, "Jews Land" and surrounding areas....]

Surnames have many hertiage ties — to France, Scotland, England, Germany, Sweden, Switzerland, Wales, Ireland, Native Americans, Celtic Europe, Royal Houses of Europe/England, northern counstries — Frankish kingdoms, Russia, Spain, Portugal, ….

DIRECT Surnames:

[via my Mom's ancestors -- both maternal as well as paternal ties included]

Bell/Boell, Beverly, Bigbee/Bigby, Brawner, Bucher/Bouchier, Carmichael, Carter, Charnock, Clinkscales, Cox,

Dale, Davis, Douzime, Fielding, Franklin, Johnston, Justice, Lloyd, Lucius,

Picard/Picard, Patrick, Preton, Riggins, Sims, Spruiell/Spruill, Summeir, Speer, Swaine/Swan, Scheppenhauser, Schmidt/Smith, Stephens/Stevens, Thompson, Young/Jung, Williamson, Wright, ….

Written by weavercat

February 1, 2009 at 4:09 am

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  1. Cathy
    I was looking through Rootsweb for John Templer
    Found your site there
    I have a John Templer Married to Jane
    John is the brother to Sarah (My GGGGgrandmother)
    john was born 1736 and died 1804
    He married Jane and there where no children
    There could be a 50/50 chance that your Jane Shubrick could be the Jane I’m looking for
    Timezones are close and locations are very close
    Do you have any info on John Templer

    Peter Templar
    South Australia


    March 24, 2009 at 11:07 am

  2. Hi – Great blog – excellent work.

    I just read a recent reply from Steve Travis to a question posed by an Emily. In his reply, Steve offered to “do look ups for anyone who needs to find their Poarch
    Creek Family.”
    How can I contact Steve?



    Al Taylor

    July 25, 2010 at 3:03 pm

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